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Reintroducing a stylistic blending of live action and 2D animation in this fantasy/adventure short.

The Land Below is about a coming to age girl by the name of Anya with her companion Critter, who both live in the world above called Edenskies. As sickness plagues Anya's homeland, caused by a vileness figure down below, her father sets out to Island's Edge. the path to The Land Below, to discover the cause, and never returns. With the sickness quickly spreading through Edenskies, it us up to Anya and Critter to venture down to The Land Below to save their homeland, and their future. Along the way she learns more about herself than ever before, as well as trust, belonging, and the true meaning of friendship.

This is a production 2,400 miles apart. Dreams have no boundaries.
Director/Producer/Story/Live Action/Editor - Gregory Lawson (Los Angeles)

Director/Producer/Story/Animation - Hannah Spangler (Michigan)

Composer - Marcus Warner - (England)

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