Meet the studio

Edensky Studios is an Online based Multi-Media studio built upon the principles of passionate storytelling with the foundations of quality work. Edensky Studios was created in 2016 by Animation Producer Gregory Lawson, who believes the future of virtual studios could be built and run primarily through the internet having a network of creatives and storytellers from all over the world. 

"The idea of this studio was a bi-product of our spare time while working our day jobs. Over time Edensky has succeeded to prove itself much more efficient with a team that can be used from anywhere in the world with various sets of skills and passions. The idea of online collaboration is limitless when you've got a golden team to help manage projects, time and budgeting efficiently using incredibly crafted apps to help get a production going smoothly and target focused."

"There are no excuses to not be productive, your phone is literally your studio."

- Gregory Lawson

edensky team